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The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict, by Josh McDowell

The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict

by Josh McDowell

'Evidence That Demands a Verdict' volumes 1 & 2 were classics. 'The New Evidence...' is fully updated in one volume to answer questions challenging followers of Christ in the 21st Century. This revised edition contains some helpful new material on apologetics in the light of postmodernism and the 'death of truth'.

Outline of Contents

Part 1: The Case for the Bible

  • the Uniqueness of the Bible
  • How we got the Bible
  • Is the New Testament Historically Reliable?
  • Is the Old Testament Historically Reliable?

Part 2: The Case for Jesus

  • Jesus, a Man of History
  • If Jesus wasn't God, He deserves an Oscar
  • Significance of Deity: The 'trilemma' - Lord, Liar, or Lunatic?
  • Support of Deity: Old Testament Prophecies fulfilled in Jesus Christ.
  • Support of Deity: The Resurrection - Hoax or History?
  • Support of Deity: The Great Proposition ('If God became a man, what would He be like?)

Part 3: The Case For and Against Christianity

Section 1: Introduction

  • Is the Bible from God?
  • The Presupposition of Anti-supernaturalism
  • Archaeology and Biblical Criticism

Section 2: The Documentary Hypothesis & Biblical criticism

  • Introduction to the Documentary Hypothesis
  • Introduction to Biblical Criticism
  • Introduction to the Pentateuch
  • Development of the Documentary Hypothesis
  • Ground Rules
  • Documentary Presuppositions
  • Consequences of Radical Higher Criticism
  • Evidence for Mosaic Authorship
  • The Phenomenon of Divine Names
  • The Repetition of Accounts and Alleged Contradictions
  • Incongruities
  • Internal Diversity
  • Conclusion to the Documentary Hypothesis

Section 3: Biblical Criticism and the New Testament

  • Introduction to New Testament Form Criticism
  • Historical Skepticism
  • Jesus under Fire
  • Conclusion to Form Criticism
  • Modern Theology and Biblical Criticism

Part 4: Truth or Consequences

  • The Nature of Truth
  • The Knowability of Truth
  • Answering Postmodernism
  • Answering Skepticism
  • Answering Agnosticism
  • Answering Mysticism
  • Certainty vs. Certitude
  • Defending Miracles
  • Is History Knowable?

Josh McDowell is an internationally known speaker and writer.

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