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The city of Derbe in Turkey

The Bible records, in Acts chapter 14 verse 6, how Paul and his friends went to the city of Derbe, in southern Turkey. Paul and Silas visited Derbe again in Acts chapter 16 verse 1.

The mound of Derbe at Kerti Huyuk
Photo: BiblePlaces.com
This large mound (or 'Tell') at Kerti Hüyük, 24 km north of Karaman, may not look very impressive, but in 1956, archaeologist M. Ballance identified it as Derbe. The site has not yet been excavated.

This inscription dating from 157 AD, confirms that Kerti Hüyük is Derbe. The inscription is now in the museum at Konya, Turkey.

Archaeologists have also found an inscription on a tombstone dating from the fourth century AD that mentions Michael, bishop of Derbe.

Yet again, archaeology confirms that the Bible documents are about real people and real places.

Kerti Huyuk inscription
Photo: BiblePlaces.com

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