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Philip Pullman & C S Lewis

Philip Pullman criticizes C S Lewis, but does he have anything true and positive to put in place of Lewis's Biblical vision?

Both Philip Pullman (in 'His Dark Materials') and C. S. Lewis (in the 'Narnia' series) are extremely popular fantasy authors. While Lewis's books are suitable for young children, Pullman's trilogy is written for more sophisticated teenagers or young adults. Both Pullman and Lewis have a worldview that influences their writing - Lewis as a follower of Christ, Pullman as an atheist - in fact, 'His Dark Materials' has been described as 'C. S. Lewis for atheists.'

Pullman has made no secret of his hatred of the works of C. S. Lewis. He describes them as:

One of the most ugly and poisonous things I have ever read, with no shortage of nauseating drivel.

Pullman has three main criticisms of Lewis. We can respond to two of these fairly quickly, while the third needs more careful thought:

Questions for discussion

  • This article claims that Pullman is dishonest in the way he describes what happens when we die. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  • Is it true that C. S. Lewis 'celebrates death?' If so, why? If not, why not?
  • Does it matter that writers like Pullman and Lewis write with a purpose when they write stories? Should this affect how we read the stories?
  • Does Pullman's propaganda spoil his stories? Is it so direct that it becomes ineffective?
  • What do you think people might criticize 'His Dark Materials' for in fifty years' time?

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